We have focused all customer service related to product or delivery reclamations at one address. Our promise is to respond within 48 hours. All reclamations should be sent primarily by e-mail: (or in urgent matters tel. 020 773 8281).


  • All reclamations must be made during the same day as the goods have been received.
  • Please tell us your customer number and the mailing list number first. This way we can combine the complaint immediately with the right order.
  • In product reclamations we'll need also the label information in the packaging of the product.

Checklist for product reclamations

Detailed description of the cause of the complaint (e.g. defect in the taste, packaking broken, foreign material in the product, quality error?)

  • Product / product number
  • Packing day
  • Expiration date
  • Packaging & batch identification, EAN code (other codes?)
  • Packer (initials on the label) and other information, e.g. fisherman ID

Please note that the information on the labels varies by product.

You can also attach an image of the product / product label to the e-mail.